Sunday, March 15, 2009

They Didn't Either

See this coming, that is.

Okay - that's a lie, they did... especially since they had booked tickets weeks, even months, in advance, to come visit us just 2 weeks after our shared anniversary.

But let's cut to the chase... as it turns out, a new standard in houseguest-ing (yup, just made that word up seconds ago) has been established by the Hortons of Mobile. They entered our house and barely moments after plates that had once held pulled BBQ chicken were cleaned and put away, a Wii system had sneaked its way into our family room and had even managed to become plugged in. Knowing that it was only here for a short vacation, we took full advantage.

Not to be out-done, however, were many of the DC tourist sites. I may have mentioned that I love being a tourist in my own city and this time was no different.

*You'll notice that I took some sub-par pictures and then tried to edit them to hide the fact that they were, well... sub-par. Stacey, please come rescue me with your fancy camera and camera skills!!

Arlington National Cemetery, in all of its awe and grandeur, was our first stop.

With a stroke of good luck and impeccable timing (absolutely unplanned), we made it just in time to see the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

They do this every hour year-round and even twice an hour during the summer months so you really have no excuse not to have seen it. If you come to DC to visit us and you haven't seen this before, it's been placed on our permanent itinerary.

We stopped by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial - another austere and humbling site. No words really do it justice. Attempt to count the names in the picture below if you're having trouble understanding me - and then realize this is but a minuscule portion of the wall.

Right next door is the Lincoln Memorial which has gotten extra attention this year since it's the President's 200th birthday.

*and yes, I'm well aware that my hair looks huge and it also appears I have a very well-groomed little beard-thingie working for me... I clearly did that on purpose

JB and Heather asked why the Reflecting Pool was drained - I had no idea. So keep that in mind if you decide to make me your tour guide - I may not know the answer to many simple questions. But I promise to make up for it back in the kitchen.

Has it possibly been just over one year since we met? Can't wait to see you guys again!

*And for the rest of you, stay tuned for more on "to Wii, or not to Wii"

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