Thursday, May 07, 2009


Hello, my name is Kara and "this has been hard for me." (admission is the first step in the recovery process - whee, I'm on my way!)

Losing sleep over this? Not entirely. Thinking about it more than necessary? Absolutely.

I'm not a huge fan of reviews... this goes for books, movies, restaurants, you name it... I want to try it for myself (okay, reviews of cooking classes may be an exception). Since very few people are the exact kind of weird that I am, how do they know what I'll like?

Then why even consider a restaurant review when I, myself, don't value others' reviews? Who knows. I skipped that part of the thought process; I said I think about things more than necessary, I didn't say I think about the right things too much!

So, let's not think of this as a real restaurant review (as if you were) - more like Kara and Chris' Dogfish Head Alehouse experience.

First things first, GREAT Happy Hour prices. $1.50 off all drafts (and they are worth paying full price so that's a steal) and $2 off appetizers (you must have the Warm Three Cheese Crab Dip) and pizzas? I just may become a regular!

Numero dos: great service. Our waiter, Chris, was just the right amount of attentiveness. And he accepted our coupon at the end of the meal without batting an eyelash. We've received our fair share of unhappy looks from waiters after seeing that we planned on using a coupon so I notice this type of thing (and we, of course, tipped off the pre-discounted amount).

As usual, I was my indecisive self about my beverage selection but waiter-Chris didn't miss a beat - he offered a few complimentary taste-tests! Final choice - Black N' Tan. Perfect.

And the food... the best way I can put it is that the pizzas are so good that I've had to resist ordering one each time we've been. That makes no sense, I'm well-aware, it's just that I know and respect my limits and I know it would not be pretty if said pizza and I were to get that close.
So instead, Chris orders the pizza and I make eyes at it until he offers me a bite (or three). In between bites of his pizza, I devour my Wood-Grilled Chicken, Bacon, and Shrimp Salad.

One recommendation: unless you like super strong mustards, choose a dressing other than the Mustard Grain Vinaigrette. It certainly didn't ruin the smokiness of the chicken and shrimp, but I'll try their house-made Balsamic Vinaigrette next time.

Or maybe I'll order a pizza...

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