Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Definition

Funfetti Cake: [FUN FE-tee] noun

A straight from the box, moist white cake with fun 'explosions' of little color throughout; eating usually elicits squeals of delight and hours of reminiscing about childhood birthday parties

Whoever invented the tradition of having cake on your birthday... pure genius.

Whoever invented sharing your birthday cake with great friends... we thank you.

Whoever invented Funfetti Cake... we doubly thank you (with sugar on top).

Amber's 29th was all-too-appropriately rung in with Sheila's beautiful Funfetti Cake - perfectly enrobed in pink icing and sweet sprinkles.

The rest of us sadly didn't contribute a whole lot...

Unless joining the birthday girl at dinner, and enjoying a great movie together, and finally scarfing down way too much cake counts for anything.

Happy Birthday, Amber!


  1. i like that my yankees arm band made the posting! yay!!!! yankee love!!

  2. Best cake EVER! Thanks for sharing in the fun!

  3. Cute! I miss my girlfriends. They all live so far away.

    And if you get to babysit you'll get THE FEVER. (If you don't already have it, that is.)

  4. So cute! My good friend Stacy introduced me to the wonder of FunFetti two years ago...LOVE! Especially since they have a lactose free line!


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