Thursday, May 21, 2009

Second Time's a Charm

I haven't been slapped in the face in a while... a good, long while. So I guess it was due. It may have been warranted, though in my defense, I've only ever had one good 'good-for-you' baking experience... yes, only one in my 29.99999 short years... so why would I think otherwise?!

Apparently, lightened-up baked goods are sick 'n tired of being overlooked. They want their day to shine... and who am I to stand in their way!!

Thus I present my second ever healthy baked good... (lightened-up) Butterscotch Bars. This recipe was a no-brainer since we keep a healthy (read: enormous container full) of oatmeal in the house and I'd been looking for a recipe to use up some left-over butterscotch chips. Once the bars were baked, though (after maybe one TINY test!), they were wrapped up for my next Baking GALS recipient; thank goodness, otherwise between Chris and me, they'd have been gone.

By the way, for any of your numbers-folks who are saying "hey, 2 for 29.99999 isn't that bad"... look again. Sophisticated calculation aside... I am dealt a meager 'batting' average of barely 0.067! Even though that might be good enough for the Nats to come knockin', most others won't be impressed.

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  1. I need to get in on this Baking Gals thing if it can keep me from eating everything I make.

    Tonight it's chocolate cake. Oh, lawd.

    Yay for a healthy recipe! I'll have to try this one.


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