Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Ate Grits TWICE Last Weekend!

Oh Charleston... we'd only met a couple of times before but it didn't take us long to get acquainted again last weekend (perhaps the key was spending 2+ hours 'acclimating' to the new city in its airport)...

Mount Pleasant, just next door to quaint and beautiful Charleston, was our home for the weekend and the scene of Dan and Amy's wedding.

After some mandatory pre-wedding errands, Kevin and Angie, Chris and I, headed to the rehearsal dinner, hosted at yummy Benito's. It doesn't get much better than endless varieties of pizza and pasta served family-style.

Sunday morning took us to Hominy Grill - which was highly recommended to us and we all heartily re-recommend it. Their line is "Charleston's favorite neighborhood restaurant" and we couldn't agree more. Extremely reasonable prices, great service (do you see a trend here?), great Southern food and free to-go cups of their delicious coffee!!

After a quick afternoon of some window shopping for the girls and speech prep for the boys, it was off to the Creek Club at L'On for the wedding festivities.

As is tradition (Kevin and Dan gave great speeches at our wedding), Chris and Kevin gave a hysterical 'duet' of a best'men' speech before the night concluded with dancing and some post-reception festivities at the Sumners' (gracious hosts and newlyweds!).


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