Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Few Firsts

A number of "firsts" have happened over the past week or so... so I thought I'd take a moment to commemorate them...

First, my nephew, the aforementioned adorable, little, just over ten-month old Charlie, has taken his first steps!! And his most recent steps came in his first Hawaiian shirt - absolutely priceless! (yes, I gave him this outfit and his mom was sweet enough to dress him in it for my enjoyment)

Which is generally followed by this... (doesn't he look precious even after stumbling??)

And then this... (I promise he's laughing, not screaming his head off)

Everytime I have the opportunity to take pictures like this, I remember how thankful I am for having my brother and his family (Charlie!!) so close by! After over 9 years of having no family around, it's QUITE the treat - I highly recommend it.

Switching gears a bit but still another first... on Tuesday, August 29th, my friend, Andrea, was proposed to on a glacier in scenic Alaska. Now THAT's a first!

Congratulations, Andrea and Chris!!

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