Monday, September 18, 2006

Fun in Philly!

Alas, the aforementioned visit to the "city of brotherly love" has come and gone. Thanks to Carolyn and Troy Daniel for their hospitality once again!

We did a little of everything this weekend... after weathering what I now know as typical DC to Philly traffic, we headed to a trendy joint called "The Continental".

Complete with fun drinks and nerd-shaped chairs, we made the most of this Philly hot-spot.

Saturday morning, our resident MBA experts (Troy, full-time Wharton 1st year, and Chris, part-time Maryland 2nd year) headed to a Wharton-sponsored panel to "get smart". The girls feasted on a breakfast spread courtesy of Carolyn and then were out the door to the shops of City Center.

After laying low for the early afternoon, we headed off to a Wharton block party - only pausing to grab a Rita's.

What a gathering!!! On the steps of a historic brownstone just a few blocks from the Daniel residence...

It was so much fun that we stayed there well into the evening and only left when our stomachs reminded us that we hadn't eaten dinner. Troy talked our way into a tasty chicken pad thai from Pad Thai Shack which we enjoyed on their rooftop deck.

But Sunday morning was the real reason for the trip up... the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon. My knee kept me out of the race but not from cheering Christy on.

We tracked her down at the start...
Again at miles 5 and 12... And of course, at the finish line, complete with her Liberty Bell medal! 13.1 was NOTHING to her!
Since no trip to Philly would be complete without a cheesesteak, we packed up our bags and headed to Jim's at 4th and South. The line wrapped around the side of the building told us the treats inside would be well worth the wait (my personal fave: provolone, mushrooms and onions).

What a great weekend!

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