Friday, September 01, 2006

THIS is Wethersfield Moss

I needed all the help I could picking out a color - so I turned to three of the best decorators I "know"... Pottery Barn, Benjamin Moore, and my mom! (thanks to the constant stream of PB catalogs, my mom and I were able to virtually decorate over the phone together!)

SOOoooo... the work is coming along, or at least it feels like it. There is color on my bookshelves! And not only that, it's actually what I was expecting it to look like! The bookshelves now have two glorious coats of Wethersfield Moss on them, and I must say that it looks fantastic - minus the newspaper and blue tape. Now if the mess creeping further into my living area as a result of the shelves being empty would recede, we'd be in business!

I think, at this point, it's called the home stretch... Home Depot happens to have the other paint I need on sale this weekend so I'll pop in there, get some "Pot of Cream" and get to work covering up the awful, paste-white primer now gracing the rest of my shelves.

Is it called Labor Day because you DO labor or you DON'T??

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