Monday, September 25, 2006

How My Life Has Changed...

... since I've had a blog.

Observation #1: I take pictures of pretty much everything... single-handedly keeping the makers of digital memory cards in business (heck, I used to be in the storage business!).

Observation #2: Everytime I'm out with friends or making a meal, I wonder how I can incorporate it into my blog... or again, why I'd need to take a picture (see Ob. #1).

This past weekend I found a few reasons to take some pictures...

I have figured out that now as an "adult", Friday nights are very useful just to see how early you can get to sleep (I delayed sleep by an hour or two organizing and decorating my newly painted shelves).

However, it seems that just the opposite happens Saturday mornings; you jump out of bed as soon as possible to get the day started.

This Saturday, Andrea and I met to grab some coffee and then get manicures. A nice lady in the Modern Nails - Ballston Mall captured our weekend morning fun.

After running what seemed like a marathon of errands, I finally got to relax with my little Charlie. He, of course, was not relaxed, though he did manage to take numerous calls on his new cell phone - we still aren't sure what type of plan comes with his little tikes cellie.

We all were quite proud of his technological prowess! Watch out world - my nephew now has at least 8 teeth, and can walk and talk on a cell phone at 11 months. What's next!?!

After dinner and being introduced to my next non-Food Network TV show (The Office), we headed to Cold Stone for ice cream. Jacob and Robyn (parents of Charlie, Robyn above) are obsessed with "cake batter" ice cream so we really had no choice in the matter.

We were so fortunate to have such a big group including my brother and his family, Robyn's sister Emily and her husband, Greg, and Robyn and Emily's parents who were up from Winston for the weekend. Thankfully, adulthood has NOT meant seeing too much less of my family! The one thing we did miss was my parents... all the way down in Atlanta. Emily and Greg, and Robyn and Jacob at Cold Stone Creamery.

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