Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Capitol Fourth

It's true that no matter where you are, or live... on July 4th, the red, white, and blue, come out in true fashion... but this year, we were treated to the most "DC" 4th of July of all.

*It's occasions such as this that remind me to not take where I live for granted... and to get out and "be a tourist" in my own city more often.

We started off the afternoon sharing a gourmet cookout hosted by Drew & Amanda; Amanda is a fantastic cook so I'm always eager to see what she's come up with each time we get together. She and I shared un-American kir royales (we now both are proud owners of our own creme de cassis in case of emergency) while the boys sipped on their brews. While Drew fired up the grill, we snacked on a variety of delicious bruschettas... one topped with fresh tomatoes and purple basil and the other with fresh olive tapenade. She also had some amazing cheese that I intend on serving at my next gathering... as soon as I find out the name of it. For dinner, we sat out on their beautiful stone patio and were absolutely spoiled... grilled salmon, fresh green beans and tomatoes with a lemon vinaigrette, and a dill potato salad, lightened up by using yogurt instead of sour cream.

I brought up the rear with a shameless un-homemade concoction of a dessert... a summer trifle. This recipe has been a hit both times I've made it so I'll keep the recipe around but I do always feel guilty taking a "store-bought" dessert to such a gourmet cook's kitchen (note - I use frozen strawberries in juice in place of the fresh berries and chocolate sauce over caramel... this time I used homemade fudge sauce which worked out really nicely as well).

But... the real fun was yet to begin. We quickly cleaned up and headed downtown; we were going to watch the fireworks over the Washington Monument from the comfort of the balcony of the US Capitol!

Unfortunately the pictures I have from this special evening are anything but amazing but we had such an incredible time among so much "living" history... touring the Capitol, listening to the National Symphony Orchestra's "A Capitol Fourth" concert and watching the breath-taking fireworks.

The entire day was such a GREAT reminder, without any political implication (imagine that, in this city!), of what this country lives and dies for. For everyone who's able to enjoy the liberties this country so freely affords us, and especially for my proud American friends overseas (those who had to work on this most American holiday)... this one's for you!


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  1. So jealous! I was at WORK. Newspapers never close. Hrmph.


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