Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nickels and Dimes

Everyone has their own personal "way" of managing their expenses. I learned early on that getting through the first month or two of developing your budget are the hardest (it's akin to culture-shock, plus it takes time to set your allowances and then monitor and adjust them accordingly), but that if you can perservere through that, you're well on your way!

So what's the deal... I always talk about saving money and budgeting - what's different this time?

There are numerous tools available promising to help you develop and manage your budget - you probably have one you're currently comfortable with; as a current user of a homegrown Excel spreadsheet solution, I just KNOW there's something more effective and efficient out there. Thus, I'm always on the look-out for a new tool that fits my spending, as well as record-keeping, habits.

I'm still investigating my new "find", but I like what I've seen so far... Wesabe is a free online tool and community similar to Quicken, with the added benefit that you have the opportunity to capitalize on the experiences of the entire Wesabe community as you share tips and advice all in the name of making better financial decisions.

I think one of the coolest features that Wesabe boasts is the ability to set financial goals, get tips on how to work towards those, and track your progress as you work towards your target! And, of course I am eager to read some of the members' tips on best values in a variety of categories.

This new tool definitely has captured my attention but I'm going to continue doing some additional research before I sign up. In the meantime, how do you keep track of your budget and personal finances?

*My mom'd be sad to hear that it seems the ole' pencil and paper method of balancing your checkbook has been discarded in general society; someone saw me balancing my checkbook the other day and asked what on earth I was doing!

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  1. I have never balanced my checkbook. Never. I do everything online - I LOVE it. And so far it's been completely safe. Hope it stays that way!

    And basically ... I'm just not a big spender. I save for big-ticket items, and I save as much as possible monthly, and it's worked out so far.

    Not the best advice, but it works for me!


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