Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Whole New World

Up until about 10 minutes ago, I'd never heard of a "meme"... this was before my new blog-friend (yes, I do believe I just made that term up) Abby ever so kindly introduced us.

Okay - to be fair, she really just provided direction for me and then I went searching online (thank goodness for the Internet) to discover just what it meant to "be tagged" and what or who is or was a "meme".

Thanks to The Daily Meme, that was an easy task. Two important points:

  • Gary, the author, says, "I pronounce it so it's rhymes with 'dream'; some pronounce it so it sounds like 'mem' (from mem-ory)." *THANKS - I was wondering that very question!

  • He goes on to say "In the context of web logs/'blogs/blogging and other kinds of personal web sites it's some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on."

Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, my good friend Carolyn had sent me one of these very questionnaires via email, and I had given some thought to posting it here... in the end, however, I realized that I'm just not that interesting and the beginning stages of the post were deleted.

But now here we are again, and I must say that I think the open-endedness of this particular meme is even a little more challenging than your usual, so you'll have to bear with me.

Seven random things about myself:

  1. (this is just a warm-up... I ALWAYS use this one as my "random fact") I'm approximately 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Scottish/English; my middle name is Kam Hee (which translates to "Golden Happiness" or so I'm told... and please, mom, don't tell me if I've been lied to all these years because I like that translation), and my last name is downright Scottish. How's that for one big mess!?

  2. My friends know better than to look at me when walking down the aisle (yes, I am a professional wedding-attendee/attendant); I swear I was born with my tear ducts too close to my eyes (any doctors out there, feel free to comment) so I am pretty much a disaster during any wedding from the moment the church is in site through the happy couple's first dance. A little twist here is that I also laugh quite a bit (one of my softball teams has nicknamed me "The Laugh"); and, as fate may have it, more often than not, I laugh so hard that I start crying. It's an evil but amusing cycle.

  3. Speaking of things I was born with (this is a good one though you really can't get the full picture unless you could touch it yourself)... we think that there is less than the normal amount of cartilage in my nose because if you push on the end of it, it's quite marshmallow-y and squishes down abnormally far.

  4. I love sports - okay, I'm well-aware that that's not that unusual. But maybe the fact that I generally play on 3-4 coed softball teams and coach a young girls' fast-pitch team each summer at least counts as obsessed? As far as watching sports, if it's not watching my 10-12 year olds trying to master fast-pitch, then I enjoy watching golf tournaments (though I really REALLY want to play more), college football (GO DEACS!), professional baseball and football, and playing/watching tennis (Wimbledon is on right now). I love nothing more then starting a crisp fall day tailgating with friends followed by cheering on my Deacs especially against any ACC foe.

  5. I'm loyal to a fault. Once you've gained my trust, it's very hard to lose. This goes for sports teams, friends, family, companies, products, etc. I think this goes hand-in-hand with my propensity to cheer for the underdog... and often end up crying because of or for them. *See #2.

  6. As part of my saving money on groceries obsession, somehow I've developed somewhat of a knack for memorizing food prices. I find this is not completely uncommon but when I recited in an outrage to my co-workers the other day that Giant sold eggs for $1.49/dz when I could get them for $0.99/dz at Trader Joe's on a consistent basis, and they all looked at my blankly wondering why I even paid attention to the price of eggs, I got the feeling that not everyone pays quite as much attention to these things as I do.

  7. I thought I should end this in a comment about food... I love cooking and experimenting. That's not random!! Sometimes, my experimenting gets me into trouble - not real trouble. It's just that I have what I like to call a "forgiving" palate - thus, if I'm hungry or have the munchies, pretty much anything sitting in the fridge suddenly goes together. I think my most "famous" combination that my old roommate discovered me eating was left-over taco meat with fresh carrots. This might throw any credibility that I've built up for my cooking skills out the window but what you see is what you get!

So no one accuses me of being a party-pooper, I suppose I should tag some friends. I don't know that I have 5 blogging friends to tag... so Carolyn, Megan and Christy, get to it!


  1. That's so cute about your nose, and I hear you on the pro bridesmaid. Me, too! Let's see ... my sister's wedding in September makes 7 I think. And I've kept every gown... I hope I have a daughter someday to play dressup in them!

    My sister-in-law is obsessed with softball. They travel all OVER the place to carry my niece to her games and tournaments. It must be something that gets in your blood!

  2. carolyn daniel7/03/2007 6:02 PM

    kara that's so fun! i LOVE your great entry! and i remember you telling me about your marshmellow-y nose-thing, hee he, maybe it's an asian thing b/c mine kinda squeeks when i touch it? gross huh! who knows :) and your garden looks wonderful! so awesome! (*i'm sorry for being MIA lately but we lost our internet connection and i've had to come to starbucks to check everyday, which you know i don't mind :) but i'll catch you online soon!) happy 4th!! (oh, sorry this is so long- but having problems leaving a comment.... will try this again....)


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