Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We are a pretty healthy people around here... I think most of the people who know me would agree with that. I also am pretty sure those same people would say the reason I cook and eat health-fully is so that I can splurge on something sweet at the end... and those people would be well, they'd be correct, too.

In my experience, the words "baking" and "healthy" just can't co-exist in the same sentence... or really even anywhere near each other - unless it's to say "good and tasty baking can't be healthy".

But as life should have taught me long ago, I should know to never say never. (okay, I didn't say never to begin with but you get the picture) As soon as Susan posted these, I knew they'd be coming out of my kitchen - I have had a bag of left-over fresh cranberries waiting their turn and these cute, adorable Banana, Cranberry, and Honey mini-muffins were just the ticket.

And as Susan's commitment to healthy eating puts mine to shame, of course she's developed a wonderfully healthy but still unbelievably (though I am a believer now) tasty recipe. While her recipe was like nothing I've ever cooked (though all the ingredients are "normal" and required exactly zero special trips to the grocery store), it was so good, and good for you that if I do ever risk branching out, I will always use her base recipe as my starting point. Why mess with something already so perfect!

Watch out world of healthy baking... this could get ugly.


  1. yum yum ... i'll look forward to more "ugly" tips...

  2. THe only thing about mini muffins is I justify that I can eat seven of them. Because they're minis :)


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