Friday, January 16, 2009

Beating the Cold

Walking to work this morning, I made a decision... that the only way I was going to survive the 12 degree weather (disclaimer: while I know there is colder weather right now in other parts of the country, people - this is COLD for me!!!) would be to set my mind on something cold that I actually LOVE, rather than the miserable blast of frigid wind whipping against my face at that very moment.

So... my cold comfort? Ice cream. Especially homemade Peppermint Ice Cream. Even in the bitter cold temperatures of a DC January, as long as I'm in the comfort of a good heating system, a scoop of ice cream makes any day a good one for me.

For now... no recipe, just a pretty picture of our favorite homemade peppermint ice cream. Maybe it'll be helpful to any of you who are also in a place where just a glance out the window makes you shiver.

*****OH! And for anyone coming to our great nation's Capitol in the next few days (rumor has it, there are something like 1-2 million of you), consider yourself warned. Sure there are tons of websites like this, this and this with Inauguration Planning tips, but all you need to know is this: It will be freezing on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.


  1. It may be a historic day, but it will be just as historic from my COUCH. It is so cold!

    And I've never had peppermint ice cream, but I know that the shop across from Midtown sells it seasonally. Blue Ridge, I think it is?

  2. Love the ice cream - but it was like -11 here last week in Chicago - that's COLD.

  3. Love how you put the disclaimer in (for me, right!). I understand that my -15 is your you will always get ad 30deg handicap when we compare temps - deal?!

    Have fun and stay safe this week!


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