Thursday, January 29, 2009


You didn't think I'd let this pass without a comment, did you? And I thought you knew me so well.

Maybe you remember me posting this last year. Well, unless you were hiding under a rock (or for shame, you don't care about college basketball!), you know that it happened yet again last night. And while I'm proud to be a Deac every single day, there is a certain air that we Deacs walk on after each victory over Duke. Can you blame us?

And while I'm at it, I'm way past due for addressing another very important matter... I hereby vow to mute any basketball game (or at least any game during which I have control of the volume) that Dickie V calls. I've been tolerant, I tried. When I wanted to throw the TV across the room last night after his 20,000th comment about why Duke is the greatest team to ever grace a basketball court, I held back. But no more - really, it's just silly.


  1. Now you know what we've been screaming for all eternity. (Of course he does show some love for m'Roy. But still. He DROOLS over K. Always has.

  2. Georgia Tech?!?!?


  3. Hey Anonymous, at least identify yourself so I can give you a proper response, complete with the admission that it does seem we can only beat #1 ranked teams this year.

  4. and now Miami???


  5. I hate anonymous comments. And I don't know what is UP with the ACC this year!


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