Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yes, in theory (and when sitting in a warm and cozy home looking out at it), this is a beautiful scene... however, when reality strikes and you realize every last inch of it, especially the (kinda, sorta important) steps and walkway, is covered in ice, your (or at least my) image of a lovely white blanket of snow is gone with the bitterly cold wind.

Not complaining - just realizing that it's true what they say... "you can take the girl outta Georgia, but you can't take the Georgia outta the girl". This was not one of those mornings that made this pseudo-Southern girl swell with pride to have moved north.

I'm not usually one of those wimpy girls either (or so I thought??) - it's just that I don't enjoy feeling like I have to walk down the sidewalk with the speed and fragility of a 90-year old woman (thanks to the thick layer of ice glistening across my path). *though it must be said, if I'm moving as well as I did this morning when I'm 90, I will be a happy camper

And, don't think that this is an automatic reaction every time the mercury drops below freezing, I definitely don't mind bundling up in my warm sweaters and scarves (let me rephrase, I enjoy bundling up) - but add snow and ice which inevitably means everyone starts acting all sorts of silly... that, I can do without. True, when this is all I can see out of the windshield of our car, it's time to take some precautions, but everyone should take a good dose of common sense before emerging into these conditions. *is that too much to ask?

Maybe it was best to stay in la-la land, dreaming about homemade ice cream.


  1. Brad is in your neck of the woods - WITHOUT A COAT. We've been spoiled down here with warm weather, and apparently it made his brain stop working.

    Be safe!

  2. Not gonna lie...when I saw your new blog title was Roots, I expected:
    a. Something about your WFU roots!
    b. Some recipie with turnips and parsnips

    NOT yet another diatriabe about the "cold" weather :)

  3. I too agree that if at 90 we move as well as when we are on ice, then we are doing just fine. We often dream of southern winters - ah the warmth...

    We are enjoying the snow up here and hear that there is a huge snow storm may be headed our way - 12 inches! I am dreaming of hearing "no school" and "snow days!" Although I will say that I am glad to not be living on Lake Erie any more - now that is ridiculous winter weather!

    Stay warm and keep cookin'! My family is loving all the recipes that you are posting!


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