Monday, January 19, 2009

Good For Something

It seems that in the eyes (and hearts and minds) of my niece and nephew (throw my brother and sister-in-law in there for good measure), I am good for only a very few things. Is it wrong that I'm okay with that? After all, they say to capitalize on what you're good at, right?

First things first, and I have to give credit to Chris here too... babysitting. Charlie and Caroline don't really get a say in this one... but all I have to do is beg to babysit (read: hang out with my two favorite cuties) and my brother gets a night out with his lovely wife. Works out well for everyone. (and in the process, of course, Charlie and I get caught goofing off)

A close second... making cookies, though there are really numerous benefactors of this one. Jacob, Chris and I all enjoyed Susan's delicious Chocolate Chip, Cherry, and Pistachio Cookies.

And lastly, taking pictures (I didn't say I was good AT it, but I do always have my camera around...practice makes perfect, right?). If nothing else, no one can say I played favorites with my niece and nephew... Caroline's definitely had her picture taken more than a few times; one day I will get just that perfect shot - good thing her cuteness more than makes up for my lack of skill.


  1. "just had to get the perfect shot" - so just how many shots are we talking about?

    I can just see the scene now..... "shoot, her eyes are closes", "ahh, she's kind of looking away", "doh, her nose is crinckled"

  2. They are SO cute, and they such beautiful eyes. I can tell you had lots of fun with them!

    (And yes, now Cash's letter is WAY overdue. I know. I'm just so friggin' busy.)


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