Sunday, January 11, 2009

One For the Little Guys

Having gone to an ACC school, I am completely spoiled by our conference. Yes, people probably think Wake is DII since we are so small and more known for our academics than our sports, but we really were lucky to have the best of both worlds; a great mix of incredible academics (admittedly sometimes a little "too" incredible as we are often called "Work Forest") and big-time sports.

However, the other side of my family has been born and bred cheering for Navy (of the small but formidable Patriot League - all you Wake fans are surely laughing at the formidable comment)... and as you all know, I don't mind donning my USNA gear and taking one for the team. And while not as big a rivalry as our favorite Army-Navy, when Bucknell is in town, it's a rivalry in this house.

So when we heard Bucknell was coming to take on Navy in mens basketball, a couple of us headed over to Annapolis to cheer on our respective teams. Unfortunately, I am sad to report that save for the last 30-seconds of the game when Bucknell decided to make a last-second showing, the half-time show may have been the most exciting part (see! I'm so spoiled by ACC basketball!).

Anyone seen the ZOOperstars before? Yeah, we hadn't either...

Luckily, it's hard to beat a night out with good friends and food - Federal House made for a great dinner spot (if they have the crab quiche on special, try it!) and Galway Bay for some post-dinner fun. I absolutely love Annapolis - admittedly better in the summer than a bitter cold winter night, but we made a fun night of representing our teams.


  1. Dook is certainly small, too. And although UNC is BIG - we certainly worked our butts off there, too!

    Good game last night. Bad ending, of course, but congrats to your guys!

  2. I shall never be embarassed of my Carolina blue (I've always worn it in football season, right? Ha.)

    Cash's six-month doctor visit is tomorrow so I'm waiting to find out his stats before I post.

    I'm also lazy. So there's that.


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