Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Fan of Traditions

I hesitate to publicize this for fear that the masses will show up next year, but seeing as how my readership (said very lightly) is mostly far from local (and few and far between at that), I decided it's worth the risk.

This morning we made our (now) our annual trek to the Chocolate Lovers Festival with our favorite Old Town Fairfax residents. I guess the saying about practice making perfect has finally come true, at least when it comes to navigating the Chocolate Festival. We had our strategies (note: they were absolutely individual, some headed straight for baked goods while others surveyed the candies) all laid out well before we made our way to the short line.

*Note to self (and of course here, "self" means me, and well, all of you): get in line anytime before noon; we had about an 8-minute wait around 11:45am but when we exited around 12:30/1pm, the line wrapped around the corner into never-never land

I was one of the chocolate "candy" folks - and ended up tasting 5 bits of fudge (HIGHLY recommend the sticky toffee-praline fudge), a little slice of chocolate-chocolate cake from Watergate Pastry, and an assortment of other yummy crunchy and chewy chocolate delights.

Needless to say, it was just as delicious as I'd been dreaming it would be for the past 364 days (give or take).

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