Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pinch Me

Not much in my book beats having friends visiting from out of town... both getting to play tourist in my own city plus having built-in people to entertain and cook for - perfection.

The worst part? Having to say good-bye... but at least a fun day and a half of memories are left!

Katie and Scott arrived Friday evening, hailing from the metropolis (or at least it was to us back in the days of living in 'the Dash' - ah-hem, Winston's apparent new name) of Greensboro, NC. We dined (said lightly) on a hearty cold-weather meal of Chicken and Dumplings and a green salad with our favorite homemade red-wine vinegar dressing (that I've been meaning to share with you - remind me to do that sometime!).

Saturday morning, we had a leisurely breakfast and then headed into the city, straight to the newly renovated American History Museum. It's always been one of my favorites and it didn't disappoint. We spent most of our time in the temporary Lincoln exhibit, which was well worthwhile if you ask me.

Once we were feeling fully educated in our great country's history, we headed over to Capitol Hill, the site of one of Scott's favorite restaurants that he introduced us to during the Thompson's prior visit. But it was not time yet for dinner... so as if just to tempt Scott, we veered off into Irish Times next door to take in what was to be a thrilling Maryland-Carolina game.

Turns out that the game was the perfect warm-up to a great meal at the Dubliner. We all enjoyed traditional Irish fare accompanied, of course, by our share of Guinness and "Half and Halfs".

To complete a fully Irish afternoon and evening, Katie and Scott were kind enough to introduce us to the world of Bailey's with Caramel that we all savoured back at the house.

I won't even mention Sunday morning since it was mainly just departure activities and I refuse to talk about that stuff. I am, however, thankful for a fabulous weekend with great friends and that 'the Dash' and 'the 'Boro' aren't that far away.


  1. Well. Uh, no. We are never to be called The Dash - and this coming from a native Twin-Citier. (For one, this editor takes MAJOR ISSUE with the whole dash thing. It's a HYPHEN. But the baseball team is obviously not filled with grammarians. Ahem.)

    And while the game was good, it had a wretched ending. 'Nuff said.

    Now back to those chicken and dumplings.... or chicken and pastry as my Down East husband calls it....

  2. Looks like someone had some fun!!!


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