Monday, December 07, 2009


This weekend was a turning point for us... sure the days have been a lot shorter for the past few weeks, but Saturday morning, when the anticipated rain turned to surprising big, fluffy flakes of snow... and then they stuck - I was sure winter, and with it, Christmas, was here (at least according to this meteorologist).

And while I happily welcome this wonderful season with open arms, there are a few things that often find their exit as soon as the temperature dips. Thankfully, I'm not one of those people who sees their first icicle and thinks their nights of eating a big bowl of ice cream are over... quite the contrary.

As a matter of fact, this cold-fearing Georgia girl gladly embraces a bowl of homemade ice cream... 365 days a year. So after a friend's seemingly innocuous comment describing how delicious the pairing of apple crisp and cinnamon ice cream was, a search commenced to find yet another use for our beloved ice cream maker.

And while she's seen some other delicious recipes pass through her paddle, this may very well be the last. I say that even without having paired this cool and creamy dessert with its crunchy partner since by the time we got around to making this ice cream, apple crisp season was, shall we say, behind us.

It turns out that this Cinnamon Ice Cream didn't need much (read: anything) in the way of accompaniment to find its way into our bellies, and trust me - it shouldn't need anything to get into yours either. No disrespect to the peppermint and rocky road ice creams of our past... but dare I say that in the past they may just stay.


  1. I've simply got to get an ice-cream maker! We make a lot of milkshake runs in this house, but scooped ice cream will always be my first love.

  2. hooray - i'm glad you found some inspiration :)

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