Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Odyssey

I now present an ode entitled: Journey to Meet My (Ice Cream) Maker

One very sad day, my trusty (well-loved and used) ice cream attachment finished a batch of lemon sorbet and batted its eyelashes at me while leaking one last little tear (or, uh... some sort of anti-freeze but this is a fun-loving tale, so we'll call it a tear) of life. After paying it proper tribute, I was ready (read: needed to) to move on.

A few days later (an admittedly short mourning period - but people, it's summer and we need ice cream of the homemade variety), "when, what to my wondering eyes should appear", but the very Cuisinart ice cream maker I'd had my heart set on at our local Costco and of course, on super sale. As the story goes... at that very moment, he became mine, or more aptly put - I became his.

And let's just say this now... folks, there's a new sheriff in town. Get a load of this guy.

Mere days after I welcomed him home and had just finished showing him his quarters (saying it that way makes the basement overflow shelf sound so much lovelier than it really is), he indicated that he preferred working to earn his keep rather than sitting idle; so right then and there, a thing of beauty was born - this amazing and simple Rocky Road ice cream.

Talk about a fairy tale - this ice cream is the stuff dreams are made of, with the only issues being that a. I don't ever want to make another variety of ice cream and b. it disappeared in a shorter amount of time than it took to make it, which is saying something cause this recipe is Easy (with a capital "e").

I have nothing but great things to say in fond memory of my late KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment but with my new Cuisinart, this story will end... happily ever after.

*okay, fine! - yes I did quote The Night Before Christmas


  1. When one appliance dies, another one appears... That recipe looks DELICIOUS! We just broke out our ice cream maker last weekend - this recipe might get made this weekend! Yum!

  2. I haven't thought to look at the ones at Costco. Great idea!

    Homemade ice cream would go great with my Strawberry Dumpling. Yum. Vanilla...


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