Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Friends Forever

You haven't missed anything (not that you were worried) but I've been hiding something for a while (er... some might call it forever): I'm obsessed with succulents. I recently referenced these glorious little plants in a very roundabout way as that was the closest I could come to an admission.

Before... YES, I knew I liked them and thought one might have a place in our home, but this, this, I wasn't prepared for... I've fallen head over heels. They are just too cute!

I found this one at Trader Joe's tagged with a meager price and in the ideal green-toned planter! I'm on a kick to add more color throughout the house and the bright lime greens running through the water-logged leaves are the perfect complement in almost any of our rooms. My new best friend has found its place on a small table in our living room (when not basking in the sun) providing that exact pop of color we needed.

As I've been talking a lot about things that I can't live without, I considered what I'd pick if given the choice between an adorable potted little succulent (perhaps with one of these little silver markers) and say... Le Creuset. Honestly, I can't fathom the pain and agony of choosing between such beloveds but I'll address it nonetheless.

I think Chris said it best: "it's like being asked which of your children you like the most [not that we have kids]... you love them all equally just in different ways".


  1. it is so cute! can it live inside all the time?!

  2. The plants are cute - they really are.


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