Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love Saying Thanks!

If there was any question... yes, we have one of these...

And uh, here again - just in case one picture wasn't enough. Annabelle's been particularly photogenic these days. That charming look she's mastered? No wonder she pretty much has the run of the place in our house.

Mostly due to the aforementioned puppy's good looks, she's managed to win over the affection of all of our neighbors - and honestly, we couldn't live without it. Not only does our pooch have a friend on every corner, but also for the times that we (shudder) leave town without our little hairy black and tan dog in tow. So while she believes neighbors are put on this planet solely to give extra licks and throw more pine cones, we've come to know them as friends and willing helpers (who eagerly give in when faced with tasty treats).

As a matter of fact, it's one of those recent bribes that brings me here - because chances are, a couple of you are gearing up to ask for that next favor and as we all know only too well, those requests go over quite a bit smoother when there's delicious home-baked bread involved. And while any homemade goodie is usually appreciated, if you want to be sure to seal the deal, quickly throw together a batch of this (shhh... it's healthy) Oatmeal Banana Bread.

Or if it's a particularly big favor (or say you're way overdue to deliver a thank you), make said delicious bread in a cute bright colored baking dish and gift the dish, tied up with a cute ribbon and tag, as well!

**if you're anal like I am, you can bake it in the new dish and then pop the bread out when it's slightly cooled and pulled away from the sides; clean the empty baking dish so it's nice and presentable, and then put the freshly baked bread right back in there and tie 'er up

Course the fact that I almost couldn't part with the cute baking dish is merely a hazard of the job. But it makes me all that much happier to be able to give someone who's loved our little Annabelle something that I loved as well.

And while this may be my favorite bribe and/or thank you tactic to date, surely you guys have some cute and cost-effective ideas that are your go-tos. Share your favorites! Chris and I hope to go on a few more trips yet!


  1. What a thoughtful thank you gift! You should totally hit up the Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma outlet in Leesburg and pick up inexpensive bakeware for occasions just like that.

  2. I wish I lived near aforementioned outlets.

    What a CUTE pup and sweet gift. And yes - I'm anal like that, too, unless I'm going for the rustic look. But more often than not I want everything to look perfect. (Drives Brad nuts.)

    Great pics! I love the lighting.

  3. I'm happy to come to DC to petsit Annabelle anytime if it means I get a tasty thank you treat like that!


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