Sunday, June 07, 2009

Third Place

Saying that I would, without a moment's hesitation, turn to lime if both chocolate and bacon (together or not) weren't available doesn't sound like very high billing. And while it's true that my affinity to the tartness of limes is nothing like Deb's husband Alex's, I promise that in this house 3rd place ain't too shabby (or at least that's what we like to tell ourselves - please don't burst our bubble).

Fess up time - as much as I really do LOVE lime-flavored anythings, I probably wouldn't have come across these if it weren't the lemon-lime themed going away (but not really) party we threw a co-worker. Let's face it - when handed the request to bake for your team at work, lime meltaways aren't usually the first thing that pops into my head. So yes, I am very sad my co-worker and friend is moving, but in the end, it led me here - and for that I owe her a thank you.

These little confectioner's sugar-covered beauties were as easy to make as they were light and delicious. I've always been a little timid around cookies that have to be rolled into a log and chilled (something about the rolling and chilling... ) - I've attempted them before without notable success, but it seems this recipe was destined to change that. I was pretty happy with the first go-round but I have every intention of mastering the process (i.e. eating these lightly sweetened, citrusy cookies again).

Lime Meltaways (from Smitten Kitchen)


  1. Oooh....right up my alley. I'm a fan of the lime also, preferring it over lemon.

  2. I don't even want to talk about my last foray in to rolling and chilling.

    Glad you were successful for both of us! They're so cute.

  3. I so have got to try these out! They look amazing! Great job!!


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