Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pinky Swear

It seems that the "weather gods" are against us here in the DC-area (and yes, even our crops, plants and flowers are swamped at this point) as it continues to rain and be generally gloomy yet again this June day... (okay okay I might regret this in July or August when it's dry as a desert and hideously hot, I admit it)

So for now, the rain might stop me from actually being outside, but I dare anyone to try and keep me from dreaming.

Thus, in celebration (look who took her optimism pills today!) of one of the very few gloriously perfect-for-grilling-and-just-otherwise-being-outside days, here's to an upcoming weekend full of a couple more! (please, oh please!) If my wish is granted, I promise to spend every possible moment out on our deck, grilling whatever crosses my path. And if this light and fresh Grilled Cumin Chicken happens to be one of those - all the better!

*Oh! You like that wrought iron Fleur-de-lis trellis guy up there? Me, too. It was a birthday gift a while back so sadly, I'm clueless as to where to find others (let me know if you know!).


  1. Oh I hear you about the weather - bloody awful....we are in New Jersey and it does nothing but rain - we are excited it it gets to 70 degrees and it is the most miserable day today .......where is our beloved summer???? We have been duped!!!!!

  2. It's 104* here today. 60% humidity. Too hot to move. What the heck is gonna be like in AUGUST?

    I'd love to grill out, but the heat and the bugs are forcing me inside!

    And I believe someone has a new camera! What did you get?!


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