Sunday, June 21, 2009

Little Sweet Pea

I just may never tire of attending and/or throwing baby showers. As it happens, our friends seem very happy to oblige as pregnancy announcements are just about a weekly affair around here. But I couldn't be happier to receive each and every call - how can you beat a conversation with a dear friend who is so obviously beaming ear-to-ear through the phone as she unveils the news of their bebe. You just can't.

I have known of Kevin almost as long as I've known Chris, and Angie has been a part of that story the entire time, as well. We were there a few years ago when they so lovingly wed in a beautiful ceremony and fun reception so naturally, I was honored to be invited to celebrate their soon-to-be little one yesterday.

Angie loves surprises so Kevin and both of their moms worked up a little scheme that caught her completely off-guard and set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. Our mom-to-be couldn't have been more gracious and fun-loving - if it's possible, more enthusiastic with each bib, onesie, bathtub and receiving blanket.

However, it comes as no surprise that Angie is a favorite among the young girls on both sides of the family so they were not about to miss the festivities, although a day of helping open presents wore on even the toughest of the bunch.

The proud daddy-to-be stuck around and was rewarded for his patience. It's not every man who would be willing to sit through two hours of a room full of squealing ladies ooohing and aaahing with each present unwrapped.

If performance at a shower is any indicator of their parenting abilities, and not that there was any doubt before yesterday, but Kevin and Angie are up to the task. Now we just need the baby... although I'd guess that Angie's still doing laundry so she'd probably appreciate a few more weeks.

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