Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Need Help. Come Quick.

I have an obsession with anything Le Creuset. And, to be honest, I'm actually okay with it - maybe, even actually, the slightest bit (please forgive me) proud of it! So imagine my delight when I was recently gifted these two beauties - gorgeous, gleaming red, covered soup bowls.

Immediately a million recipes popped into my mind, each one instantaneously perfect, once ladled into these gorgeous little bowls. But I realized - what goes in these little pots of joy must be special, not just any soup recipe (warm or cold - oh, the possibilities!) will do.

Then my mind started churning - maybe the ideal use for these little tureens isn't a soup at all... could a little plant call one of these home - a succulent, perhaps? Or maybe a baked dip, one in each of the bowls, will star in our (so far only a dream in conception) summer evening happy hour along with a cast of munchies pairing perfectly with some crisp wines (oh c'mon, who am I kidding - I'll be happy if the food is edible next to the beverages served). But the bowls?!

Help... if not for me, for the sake of the cutest little Le Creuset bowls you've ever seen. I can't stand the thought of leaving them cooped up in our cupboards much longer.


  1. I say you rock out an amazing French onion soup! Can you imagine the cheese oozing over the side?! YUM.

  2. How about a nice, cool gazpacho for a dinner on the deck? Or a fruit soup? I've never made one, but they're usually such pretty colors!

  3. I like the soup idea, though a chef, I am not...maybe in the hot months, they can house succulents? best of both worlds... :)


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