Monday, June 01, 2009

I Can't Live Without You

I like a glass of wine. *it's okay to say that here, right? Most people might add a 'good' in front of that 'glass of wine' but honestly, we're too cheap to be picky. Not to mention the fact that I enjoy pretty much any wine put in front of me is something I consider to be one of my finest skills (just don't tell my parents that the wine-tasting class I took during my semester in Dijon, France, might not have 'taken')!

Speaking of Europe, one of my favorite things about life over there is that they seem to have mastered the art of moderation. And without going into it, I think it's safe to say we could learn a thing or forty from our European counterparts.

Which brings me to my point (whew!)... being an advocate of moderation, I've discovered that a typical 750 mL bottle is usually just a little much for two people over a (casual) meal. Course there are times when you can't help but finish off the bottle, but for those times when you just need one glass, or you end the evening with more than a sip left (or if you, like us, have stocked up on those 1.5 L bottles on sale)... enter this handy Crate & Barrel wine-bottle stopper.

Ever since he was stuffed in Chris' figurative stocking this past Christmas, this guy's become the most-used, can't-live-without-it gadget in our kitchen... and I promise I still cook (but with a glass of wine, of course). *did I mention you can cork a bottle with this and still lay the bottle flat??

I haven't done this before and quite honestly, I don't plan on making a practice out of doing (my version of) product reviews, but since I show you all pictures of everyone else in our family, it was high-time for this to make an appearance; plus, at the minuscule price of $1.95 a pop, it would just be unfair to keep this gem hidden from you.

While I'm not quite ready to commit to this to being my favorite kitchen gadget ever, it's definitely my favorite ever ever EVER wine stopper thingamabob for expensive and cheap wines alike. And just because it's also the only one I've owned doesn't degrade it a bit.

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget? OR, even better - do you use a common tool or gadget in an uncommon way?


  1. That looks awesome! I love that you can even use it with the bottle laying down - ingenius. We swear by the Vacuvin (also from Crate & Barrel), but I might have to check that little guy out!

  2. These reasons are exactly why I don't open wine with dinner unless I'm cooking with it. Brad doesn't drink so there is almost so much for me. And although I'd LIKE to drink it all I know that's um, a ... bad idea. This is great.

    I use my pastry blender to break up boiled eggs for egg salad. Yeah. Not exciting but about as exciting as my life gets these days. Sad. (But seriously. It does a great job.)

  3. I love gadgets in the kitchen - just love them!


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