Saturday, June 13, 2009

Right Where We Belong

Somehow, just today, it finally dawned on me (after living here for almost 8 years) that LOTS of people come to this beautiful and truly important city. And, all this time, we've just called it home.

ALL those people, we saw them this morning; and rightly so, most of them didn't give us (mid-heated rec-league softball games) a second glance. I, however, paused for a moment to marvel at the fact it's normal for us to play a softball game (or 14) in the shadow of the Washington Monument and across from the WWII and Lincoln Memorials.

So for you visitors - no matter why you came here, maybe patriotic or politically interested, or perhaps a history buff... welcome, we're so glad you came. Sometimes we forget that it's the world's interest in this city that really makes it go 'round.

But you'll have to pardon us, as well - we love this city just as much as you do, but we use those lawns you trudged across this morning more like this...

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